More info for Frankfurt: demonstration on May 19

Character and aims of the demonstration on May 19

The demonstration on May 19 is the closing element of the European action days in Frankfurt from May 16-19 against the crisis dictatorship. We will convene at 12:05 near the Main Train Station, at Baseler Platz. Loud, diverse and resolute, we will progress through Frankfurt and we will reach the closing rally at 5 pm at Willy-Brandt-Platz, directly in front of the European Central Bank (ECB). We intend to collectively carry our protest against the austerity dictatorship to this actor. Together, as thousands of participants from many European countries, we will send a clear and visible message of international solidarity against the authoritarian crisis management and the policies of impoverishment of the troika, consisting of the EU Commission, the ECB and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The international demonstration will denounce the destructive policies of the troika as well as the German Federal Government that acts as its motor. Their politics oppose the will and the needs of the population. Continue reading

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from Ecologistas en Acción

Con ocasión de la conferencia “UE en crisis: Análisis, resistencia y
alternativas” que está celebrándose en Bruselas, organizaciones sociales,
sindicatos y movimientos sociales de toda Europa denuncian la prohibición
de las manifestaciones contra la troika por parte del gobierno de
Frankfurt (Alemania), previstas entre el 16 y 19 de mayo en la sede del
Banco Central Europeo (BCE).

Más de 300 activistas, académicos y representantes de organizaciones
sociales, entre ellas Ecologistas en Acción, se encuentran en Bruselas con
el objetivo de conseguir una mayor cooperación y confluencia de los
distintos movimientos sociales contra las políticas gubernamentales de la
UE en respuesta a la crisis del euro. Entre la acciones que se proponen
está la organización de movilizaciones contra el Pacto Fiscal, el Pacto
por el Euro y la “nueva gobernanza económica europea” de la UE. Continue reading

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Blockupy meeting tour in Italy / Meeting tour verso Francoforte – round two!

con Arigiris Panagopolous* e esponenti di Blockupy Frankfurt / with Argiris Panagopoulos* and activists from Blockupy Frankfurt


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Blockupy! New international Videoclip

by Pappsatt Collective

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Città di Francoforte bandisce Blockupy – e la nostra resistenza diventa più forte!


Le autorità per le dimostrazione della città di Francoforte ha annunciato alla stampa nel pomeriggio del 4 maggio 2012, che si stanno proibiscando tutte le azioni previste dell’alleanza Blockupy Frankfurt da maggio 16-19. Il partito legale notificante per i più di quindici azioni è stato direttamente informato di questa decisione per quanto riguarda un solo caso – e anche questo è stato ritardato di un giorno.

Questa decisione proibisce completamente le proteste contro le politiche di crisi che influiscono profondamente le vite di milioni di persone in Europa. L’alleanza sta programmando proteste durante le giornate di azione contro le politiche di austerità dei governi europei e la troika (BCE, Commissione UE e FMI) e ha chiesto la città per i permessi per alcune di queste proteste come dimostrazioni, manifestazioni e assemblee dimostrativi, come previsto dalla legge per le dimostrazioni.

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City of Frankfurt bans Blockupy – and our resistance grows stronger!


The demonstration authorities of the city of Frankfurt announced in to the press on the afternoon of May 4, 2012, that they are prohibiting all of the actions planned by the Blockupy Frankfurt alliance from May 16-19. The legal notifying party for the more than fifteen actions was directly informed about this decision with regard to only one case – and even this was delayed by one day.

This decision completely prohibits the protests against crisis policies that profoundly affect the lives of millions of people in Europe. The alliance is planning protests during the action days against the austerity policies of European governments and the Troika (ECB, EU Commission and IMF) and had applied to the city for permits for some of these protests as demonstrations, rallies, pickets and demonstrative assemblies, as is legally required for demonstrations.

This ban is an open breach of the constitutional right to demonstrate. We insist that the protest against the crisis politics can take place in the Frankfurt financial district and at the ECB headquarters, as it complies with the existing jurisdiction of the German Federal Constitutional Court.

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DIY online photo campaign!!

Join in by taking and posting your own photos!
Link to: How to
Link to the existing banner (or make your own!!)

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R.I.S.E. UP! (Rising Italy for Social Europe)

Check out the new blog launched by the Italian coalition R.I.S.E. UP! (Rising Italy for Social Europe): it is animated by students network, social centres, art workers, collectives of precarious and unions that are creating different events and projects during the Global May of struggle.

Blockupy mobilization updates from Italy:
Among many assemblies and parties, there will be a series of debates in several Italian cities with a comrade from Symposium of Athens and two members of Interventionist Left (IL) from Berlin; Unicommon network will take part to the speakers’ tour in Germany organized by Rosa Luxemburg Institute and IL; Occupied Teatro Valle in Rome will do a caravan from Greece to Frankfurt to meet independent theaters in Europe.

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International speakers tour in Germany

Blockupy mobilization series in Germany with activists from Italy (Unicommon), Greece (SYNASPISMOS) and Spain (Indignados): No Future without Solidarity

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Call for May 1 news!

Please spread:

After what I think was a huge triumph yesterday, I wake up today to find
that (unsurprisingly) the mainstream media has decided to almost completely
ignore our M1 celebrations, the huge mass of people that hit the streets,
the series of protests, workshops, pickets and marches that took over the
day and the tons of powerful and hopeful scenes that seem to signal the
coming of a militant spring/summer. So, in true OWS fashion, we must be the
change we wish to see, and flood the airspace with our media.
Which is why we’ve decided to launch an *emergency campaign to collect
testimonies, opinions and observations of all of those that took the
streets yesterday* around the country to publish them on IndigNación ( We would like to turn this into an opportunity to turn our new platform into a real space of dialogue between what we know
are very different perspectives within our community — and I’m not talking
exclusively of the Latino community. Although our content is exclusively in
Spanish, we want to hear from everyone. Texts in English (or any other
language, for that matter) will be translated and posted in both. Let’s
fill the silence of corporate media with the voices of the people!

*PLEASE* take 15 minutes from your day today to write us at least a few
sentences about what you saw, heard, thought or felt yesterday. Also,
please share this email with all of your friends who were on the streets
yesterday here in New York or in any part of the world, celebrating International Worker’s Day. If you have photos or videos you want to share,we’d also love to see them. You can send all of your contributions to and we ask that you please do it *TODAY if

For more May news:

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