Unicommon: our #globalmay won’t stop!

Yesterday, 12th May, hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of cities around the world have come together for a global change. In Spain the police, using a clear intimidating strategy, has evicted almost simultaneously the peaceful demonstrations taking place in different cities (Valencia, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, Cadiz and Madrid).

What happened tonight at Puerta del Sol it’s another example on how this European Union want to treat the social movements. After the deny to demonstrate in Frankfurt from 17th May to 19th May, we have seen a violent and repressive evacuation of Puerta del Sol. But we are not scared and #GlobalMay will not be stopped.

For us Puerta del sol and all the Spanish accampadas are not just square, but they are new public and common space built by the people in this year of struggles and that’s why they have the legitimacy to stay until they want.
We want to remind to our governments that our rights and future cannot be sold. We have the right to stay in Puerta del Sol as we have the right to demonstrate in Frankfurt.

Against austerity, against the dictatorship of the European Central Bank, we are building a new Europe made by social struggles for a new welfare and a radical and common democracy.

We will be today:
in Madrid at Puerta del Sol at 5 p.m.
in Barcelona at Plaza Catalunya at 5 p.m.
in Frankfurt from 17 May to 19 May to block ECB.


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*Free The Future*

A poem from TerraNullius Narrazoni Popolari – Stories That Resist for our protest:

Happy birthday Europe,

I heard yesterday morning

and I imagined lots of candles burning

on an enormous cake quickly dissolving.

What’s Europe? Try to guess.

The decadent consequences

of centuries painted red.

The red of blood.

Indios killed, people starving,

cultures declined under the word of God.

The God of capitalism.

Or Europe is the land under our feet,

and the languages beneath our teeth?

Or Europe is the streets burning

even under the moonlight,

when we’re passing

through the heart of cities?

Finance is a lie that lies on our heads

making richer few men, few males

we can push down the roof.

We can burn the roofs,

and breath the air we’re creating.

We can burn the borders

because we don’t have borders.

We can occupy the head of the Monster,

and block its fool mental activity.

We need to burn their ancient

and blooding words,

to re-alfabetize our present.

And free the word they’re so afraid of:

Indeed we need to re-draw their drawings

to Free Our *Future*.

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12M: Solidarity with the movement in Spain! Solidarity with 12M everywhere!

The alliance coordinating Blockupy expresses solidarity with 12M, and especially with the movement in Spain as the political situation grows more difficult (espanol abajo):

Europe is in motion.

After countless May 1 demonstrations around Europe, the people of France and Greece brought insecurity to the political and economic elite in elections on May 6. Now, for the anniversary of the historical demonstration and subsequent camps at the Plaza del Sol in Madrid last year, people across the entire globe are taking to the streets again. Part of a truly #globalmay of demonstrations and actions, #12M is making visible the emergence of a #globalrevolution.

The growing strength of this movement is being sensed by the political and economic elite. They are starting to work harder to slow us down – especially where the movement is strongest. In Spain, the Schengen Agreement was lifted for the days surrounding 12M. Many unionists have been sitting in jail for weeks there. The Plaza del Sol has now been closed off for days, and the political situation in Spain is worsening.

We manifest our solidarity with the people of the Spanish movement. We express our solidarity with our friends fighting for a better world in all places!

Our solidarity is our strength!
Against criminalization of our movement!
Against precarity, social cuts, escalations of racism and sexism and European crisis politics!


Solidaridad de Blockupy por 12M! Solidaridad con el movimiento en España!

Europa en marcha

El l° de mayo, hubieron manifestaciones por toda Europa. Despúes, la gente de Francia y Grecia llevaron inseguridad a las élites políticas y económicas en las elecciones del 6 mayo. Hoy – el aniversario de la manifestación histórica y las acampadas que la sucedieron en la Plaza del Sol en Madrid hace un año – la gente por todo el mundo nuevamente va a la calle. Como parte de un #globalmay lleno de manifestaciones y acciones, #12M indica la emergencia de una #globalrevolution.

La élite política e económica está empezando a sentir la fuerza del movimiento. Nos quieren callar – sobre todo en los lugares donde el movimiento está más fuerte. En España el gobierno suspendió el Tratado Schengen para los días alrededor del 12M. Hace semanas muchos sindicalistas están en el cárcel. Hace días la Plaza del Sol está obstruida – y la situación política en España continua empeorándose.

Desde Alemania manifestamos nuestra solidaridad con el movimiento en España! Expresamos nuestra solidaridad con nuestr@s amig@s que están luchando por un mundo mejor en todas partes!

Nuestra solidaridad es nuestra fortaleza!
Contra la criminalización de nuestro movimiento!
Contra la precariedad, los cortes sociales, el aumento del racismo y del sexista y las políticas europeas de la crisis!

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Stop the neo-liberal crisis politics – dispossess the beneficiaries!

New international call to Blockupy from attac academic advisors and others.

Reposted from (in DE, FR, IT, ES there):

We are experiencing the deepest crisis of capitalism since the great depression of the 30s – and the European governments continue to pour oil on the fires! From the very beginning, some governments have prevented a solidarity-based solution to the crisis in Europe and are significantly responsible for its exacerbation. This refers particularly to the German government, which, in August 2008, blocked a substantial economic stimulus package for Europe. Hardly had the recession reached its lowest point in Germany in 2009, when the German government preached the necessity for hard austerity policies. The “debt brake” was anchored in the constitution: politics disempowered itself, shaped by neo-liberal ideology. The austerity measures taken in various EU states affected above all wage-earners, pensioners, the unemployed and the self-employed, while the wealthy, the banks and the corporations were spared. In spring 2010 the German government blocked aid for Greece, causing a steep rise in the yields of Greek government bonds and thus an increase in national debt and making a solution of the crisis more difficult and expensive. The loan agreements with Greece and other countries in crisis and their ridiculous austerity demands only made the crisis worse. For example, the reduction in the Greek minimum wage does not contribute to an increase in “competitiveness”, as the country’s current account deficit is as much due to the mercantilistic policies of the core eurozone countries, as to the role of deregulated finance. Instead, the reduction of the minimum wage has destroyed the internal market further. This example makes clear that the current crisis politics redistributes wealth from wage-earners to those who possess the capital, regardless of the macro-economic and societal consequences. Greek salaries have already dropped by 20-30%, hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs, over 10,000 schools are closed, hospitals are running out of medication, children are starving. Similar developments are also looming in Portugal and in other European countries.

Neo-liberal politics, whose failure has become obvious in this crisis, is being radicalised once more. The aim of the “fiscal pact”, for example, which was agreed by the heads of state and heads of government of 24 EU states on 2nd March 2012, is to make neo-liberal austerity policies legally binding for all time. A “debt brake” in line with the German model should be anchored across the whole of Europe. National budget deficits should, in future, be capped at 0.5% of GDP. This plan overlooks the fact that already in the 1990s the “Stability and Growth Pact” agreed by the European Economic and Currency Union, which had allowed a budget deficit of 3% of GDP, could not withstand the reality of a capitalist society dogged by crises. The 3% deficit was frequently exceeded. The “Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union”, as the Fiscal Pact is officially called, is more than the result of unrealistic plotting by neo-liberal economists and politicians. Further waves of privatisation, destruction of jobs, restriction of public services, social degradation, and wage reduction, are pre-programmed across the whole of Europe; and all to protect the profits of a small group of rich capitalists. The destructive policies which have been pushed ahead mainly by the German and French governments have been accepted and put into practice by nearly all EU governments, because in every state there is a dominant wealthy clique who profits from the increasing pressure on the wage-earning population.

The European crisis policies lead to an increased undermining and devaluing of democracy. Not least through international pressure were the governments in Greece and Italy removed from office and replaced by a government of “technocrats” in order to calm “the markets”. These governments make far-reaching decisions without having the legitimacy of being elected. A proposed referendum on the austerity measures in Greece was quickly quashed after pressure from the ruling powers. Elections become meaningless when the large parties represent more or less the same policies, as recently in Portugal and Spain. Responsibilities are moved from the national level to the EU-level without an adequate democratic control of the activities of the EU institutions such as the European Commissions, the European Central Bank, or the European Court of Justice. We note with great concern the increased nationalist, racist and fascist movements in various European countries.

And yet the prevailing policies are not without an alternative. A significant alternative, however, is only possible when the roots of the crisis are correctly identified. National debt crises form only one aspect of the current European crisis, in which the tensions of European integration (unequal development, common financial policies without common policies on wages, taxation and industry) collide with a structural over-accumulation of capital. There is too much capital, measured by the possibilities which remain to exploit work and the environment.

An alternative strategy for attacking the crisis needs to include the following elements:

– No ratification of the Fiscal Pact

The Fiscal Pact means further loss of democracy, commits nations to neo-liberal policies, and increases the crisis.

– Cancellation of national debts

A public debt audit must clarify how the debts were incurred and who is in possession of the government bonds. One person’s debts are another person’s wealth. The savings and pension entitlements of the broad mass of the population must be secured, while the interest and repayment entitlements of the wealthy, the banks, the hedge funds and the corporations must be cancelled.

– Nationalisation of the banks

Banks which have been saved by public funds must be nationalised. Banks which are “too big to fail” must be divided up.

– Radical redistribution of income and wealth

We need a tax on financial transactions, an increase in taxation on capital returns, a re-introduction of wealth tax and a much stronger progression in income tax, in order to achieve a lasting financing of state spending and increase in benefits, and to enable social and environmentally necessary investments, as well as to combat world poverty.

– Overcoming of mass unemployment

Mass unemployment, low wages and wage reduction are important reasons for decreasing wage rates and the creation of surplus capital which inflates the financial sector. There must be an end to the manipulation of unemployment statistics. Mass unemployment can only be overcome by a radical reduction in working hours.

– Democratising democracy

Democracy must be strengthened at all levels, especially at the European level, and must also include the economic sector. It cannot be possible that democracy comes to a stop at the gates of the factories and the banks, and that a small group has the means of production at its disposal, when human survival depends on it.

The “Arab Spring”, the movement of the “indignant ones” in Spain, the numerous strikes and demonstrations in Greece and the worldwide “Occupy” movement which started in the USA, are all a source of encouragement. It is high time to strengthen the protests and to take them to the place where the European crisis policies are apparently decided. This is why we are announcing the world-wide decentralised protest demonstrations on 12th May as well as the European protest demonstrations which will take place in Frankfurt am Main on 17th-19th May 2012.

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Vamos tod@s a Blockupy Frankfurt. 16.-19. de Mayo 2012

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New video

Official Blockupy video now with english/spanish subtitels. To select them click “cc” in the menu bar.

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Italian comrades on the protest ban – R.I.S.E. UP will Blockupy Frankfurt!

In the last months wide connections spread all over Europe to build up coalitions able to express their radical opposition to the EU’s politics and Troika’s attack: Fiscal Compact dictatorship, wild privatizations, debt system and break-up of south-europe are just few of the violent mechanism they are imposing above us.

“Blockupy” Days of Resistance from 16th to 19th of May have been banned by the “Department for Public Order” of Frankfurt, the old answer of the crumbling power that aims to cancel any kind of dissent or opposition. We have already seen in Greece and other countries how the crisis is managed as a problem of security and public order through army and police brutality.

The italian coalition R.I.S.E. UP won’t stop its projects of transnational connection during the Global May of struggles!

We will occupy Frankfurt to oppose ECB’s politics, we will block the city to stop financial production, we will meet precarious, students, unemployed people, artists and activists to build up the Europe of common, a transnational radical democracy that starts in the heart of european finance capital.

>> bring your tent and see you in Frankfurt! <<


(Rising Italy for Social Europe)

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Blockupy press announcement on City of Frankfurt’s ban on demonstration

Press announcement
Blockupy Frankfurt
May 8, 2012

* City answers Blockupy’s offer to talks by banning the demonstration
* expedited proceedings handed in to administrative court / blockades are non-violent

The city of Frankfurt responded to the renewed request of the Blockupy alliance for a meeting by banning the European demonstration that has been announced for May 19. The applicant of the demonstration, Werner Rätz of Blockupy, received a corresponding email this afternoon. According to the email, the ban order is on the way. “The right to demonstrate is being stepped on in a way that almost makes one speechless. I have never before experienced such disregard for one of the most important basic rights of our constitution” said Werner Rätz. “In Frankfurt, democracy threatens to experience real damages – independent of the fact that the ban will not be able to hold legally or factually.” As soon as the ban order has arrived, the alliance will file an objection and apply at court for the re-establishment of the suspending effect.

On Monday, Blockupy had already received twelve ban orders on rallies, pickets and camps. The alliance has already filed objections against these twelve orders. According to the court, the decisions may take until the beginning of the week.

“Apparently it is part of the strategy of the head of the police to respond to our proposals for talks with ban orders,” observed Blockupy spokesperson Christoph Kleine. Markus Frank (Christian Democratic Union) made it known in the media that he would only be open to talks if the Blockupy alliance would abstain from blockades. Christoph Kleine: “the basic right to freedom of demonstration is not subject to negotiation! During the Blockupy days, there will be actions of civil disobedience, and for these it is self-understood that no one is expecting the permission of the city.” What has been banned here, however, are rallies, a demonstration, concerts, such as with Konstantin Wecker, pickets and spaces for the camp!”

The alliance once again emphasized that no escalation will come from the actions. The plan is to use colorful, diverse forms of action for three days in the city center of the financial metropolis of Frankfurt to make protest visible against the policies of impoverishment of the Troika. Blockupy spokesperson Martin Behrsing said: “Nobody shall be put in danger or injured, no uninvolved persons, no bank employees, no protest participants, and also no police persons. This is how we are preparing the actions, and this is how we are practicing in the action training.”

Furthermore, Blockupy rejected the equating of mass blockades with violence. Legally, mass blockades are not a constraint, but rather an administrative offense, as the German Federal Constitutional Court concluded in 1995 in the so-called Mutlangen decision.

Blockupy press contacts:

* Roland Süß (Attac), Tel. +49 (0)175 – 272 5893
* Martin Behrsing (Unemployed Forum), Tel. +49 (0)160 – 9927 8357
* Christoph Kleine (Interventionist Left), Tel. +49 (0)172 – 900 6161
* Thomas, (Occupy Frankfurt): Tel. +49 (0)157 – 7972 4487

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Action plan – flood Frankfurt with autonomous actions on May 18

Flood the banking district on May 18, 2012!

The blockade of the ECB on Friday, May 18, starting at 6 am, will affect other headquarters of banks and corporations during the morning. In addition, actions during the afternoon should be extended to further actors of global exploitation.

For example, an encirclement of Deutsche Bank is in preparations. In front of both DB towers, the bank’s special role in speculation in food and land grabbing will be brought to light – in conjunction with an action in Bremen on April 17, 2012. Street theater will allow us to advertise “toad migration” in the front yard. With loudspeakers, sirens, large banners and gas-filled balloons, we will make our protest visible and audible – even in the highest floors of the tower.

Climate activists discuss how they understand Flood Frankfurt with three suggestions: in the Frankfurt city walls, a “boring tower” will be constructed to investigate a “secure nuclear waste repository” for atomic waste in the salt deposit underneath the financial city plaza;  the metal-cast bear in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange will mutate to a “polar bear”, symbolic of the destruction of nature perpetrated by the regime of capitalist growth logic;  pestering the “uranium society”, which is engineering the extraction of highly-toxic uranium in Niger and Namibia for the nuclear corporation Areva: how much do you earn by poisoning the African population with radioactive “Yellow Cake”? There are many ways to think about how to make visible the ecological crisis of capitalism and those who engineer it and profit from it, right in the “global city” of Frankfurt.

Be it a surprising go-in in a bank branch or a temp employment agency, be it a flash mob at a financial investor or at an arms business, be it a bold action to put up posters on a bank construction wall or on the glass front of a airline company involved in deportation – we hope and are planning on many diverse creative and independent forms of action on May 18 in which we – as already took place in the morning with our symbols – express the resistance and struggles in different social and political fields. Whether announced or not, whether as recognizable demonstration or as inconspicuous congregation, all actions should contribute to the transformation of the financial center into a colorful and loud zone of protest for the entire day.

Blockade working group for Blockupy Frankfurt

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More info for Frankfurt: plan of action for taking the squares on May 17

Plan of action “take the squares!” on Thursday, May 17

On Thursday, May 17, we will take over the Gallusanlage and Taunusanlage areas as well as other central plazas near the city center of Frankfurt in critical masses. Starting in the morning, a cultural and political program will take place at various places. From these places at the latest, or as soon as we get off of the busses, train, subway or S-Bahn, we will swarm out and find our way to these areas, pitch our tents and in doing so, occupy these places. In these occupied places, diverse protest events as well as assemblies and plenaries at which we will collectively decide on our further moves and actions. These tent villages will serve as assembly and event spaces, as well as sleeping places. Moreover, they provide us with a good point of departure for the blockade action in the financial district
on the following day. Continue reading

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