Action Consensus

(The following consensus was agreed upon by the blockade working group, which was openly formed by participants of the European action conference, February 24-26 in Frankfurt.)

Action consensus for the blockade of the ECB and financial center on May 18

The blockades

… are an action within the European action days against the crisis dictatorship in Frankfurt from May 16-19. By occupation of the squares, diverse interventions, public events and demonstrations, we are jointly taking our protest and resistance to the street.

We declare ourselves

… in solidarity with all those who share with us the goal of practicing resistance against authoritarian crisis management and the politics of the Troika, in order to defend the social rights of the employed, precarized, and unemployed in Europe.

The effective and mass blockade

… of the banking district of Frankfurt am Main on May 18, 2012 is what we, together with thousands of activists in the action Blockupy Frankfurt, will do in order to shut down Frankfurt as a financial location for one day. In this action, we are sending a clear sign of international solidarity against the authoritarian crisis management and impoverishment politics of the Troika – consisting of the European Central Bank (ECB), the EU Commission and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

By preventing bankers and employees from going to work, we are intervening the norms of daily capitalist business and blocking it. We want to do this in a calm and careful manner by putting ourselves in its way and staying there. The employees are not our opposition – in contrast: we are helping them to have an extra free day by our action.

Our form of action is mass blockades which will consist of people. In order to illustrate our protest, we will create thematically accented blockades. These will, for example, symbolize our precarious daily life and impoverishment, the connection of crisis and war, escape and migration, and our struggles against exploitation and racism. For this purpose, we will have objects and other blockade resources with us, such as, for example, hospital beds and shopping carts, ladders and rubber boats, objects from facilities, cardboard tanks, banners, woolen nets and similar objects. Together with many different people, we will carry out our action in mass, publicly and announced.

During the action, we want to create a situation that is transparent for all persons blockading, and in which the action participants look out for one another in solidarity and support each other.

Police forces will attempt to put us off from our plans, but we are not focusing on them, because our targets are the ECB, the German Federal Bank, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank as well as firms and companies who run the impoverishment politics of the Troika and profit from it.

Where it is possible, we will flow through or around police chains. We will use our bodies to hold our blockades as long as we want. It is true that we will not be able to exclude a meeting with the police, but no escalation will come from our side. We will claim our right to physical integrity with materials to protect our bodies.

Arrive in time, create reference groups and participate in action trainings, delegates plena and asambleas to prepare yourselves for the action!

Comment: this is the action consensus for the mass blockade of the ECB and financial center on May 18 and not for the total choreography of the action days.

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