Partial Success: Court Lifts Ban on Blockupy Demonstration

* Alliance Insists on Right to Assembly for Other Action Days As Well

The Blockupy alliance has achieved a partial victory at the court:
According to a press statement of the Administrative Court in Frankfurt,
the court has repealed the ban on the Blockupy demonstration on Saturday
that was declared by the city. The “Rave against the Troika” of the Youth
Alliance on Wednesday evening can also take place, as well as the rally in
front of the European Central Bank that was planned for Wednesday
afternoon because of the ECB Council Meeting. All other Blockupy events
are to remain forbidden.

The Blockupy alliance announced on Monday evening that they would appeal
against the decision of the Administrative Court at the Higher
Administrative Court of Hesse in Kassel. “If you read the court’s
decisions, you will notice that the court only relies on the assertions
and danger forecasts of the city and the police. The significance of the
fundamental right to free assembly is not valued – in contrast to the
fundamental rights of the freedom of profession and property”, says Martin
Behrsing from Blockupy.

“The court has stopped the attempt to prevent any kind of democratic
protest in Frankfurt and to revoke the fundamental right to free
assembly”, Roland Suess from Blockupy added. “However, we not only want to
protest at the demonstration on Saturday, we want to present our critique
of the policies of impoverishment across Europe to the public where it is
visible, with diverse actions and a fantastic programme.” The ban affects
numerous rallies, gatherings, assemblies, and pickets with an extensive artistic and political programme that includes more than 70 panel discussions, workshops, readings, exhibitions and concerts – for instance with the German singer-songwriter Konstantin Wecker.

The court also confirmed the eviction of the Occupy camp decreed by the
city for the duration of the action days. The Blockupy alliance again
calls on all people from Frankfurt to join the camp on Tuesday evening and
to support the passive resistance of the Occupy activists against a
possible eviction by the police.
Christoph Kleine from Blockupy says: “And we call on all participants of
the protest to join the rally of the Committee for Fundamental Rights and
Democracy on Thursday at 12pm at Paulsplatz for the fundamental right to
freedom of assembly.”

Press contacts:

* Roland Suess, Blockupy (Attac), Tel. 0175 – 272 5893

* Martin Behrsing, Blockupy (Forum of the Unemployed), Tel. 0160 – 9927 8357

* Christoph Kleine, Blockupy (Interventionist Left), Tel. 0172 – 900 6161

* Thomas Occupy, Blockupy, (Occupy Frankfurt), Tel. 0157 – 7972 4487

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