Legal update on protest ban: City blocks agreement / decision expected by the beginning of the week

After five hours of negotiations, the hearing for the planned Blockupy action days in Frankfurt from May 16-19 at the Frankfurt administrative court closed without a resolution today. A decision of the judge may be expected by the beginning of the week. Following the hearing, the Blockupy alliance criticized the city of Frankfurt for also having prevented a decision.

“The city is holding to its method of confrontation. The representatives of the assembly authorities understood it as their task to prevent all forms of democratic protest,” reported Werner Raetz, who participated for Blockupy. “That is a scandal. The task of the assembly authority lies in enabling the constitutional right of freedom to demonstrate, not to block it.” To justify the total ban, representatives of the city and the police drafted a threat scenario. Obviously, the Frankfurt authorities see the reputation of the financial metropolis as more important than the basic right to demonstrate. “The behavior of the city government and the state ministry of Hesse is irresponsible. Their ban-orgy and the horror pictures they are painting on the wall are creating the exact climate of fear that they supposedly want to prevent.,” said Blockupy spokesperson Timeela Manandhar.

In addition to the total ban of Blockupy, the decision of the city to ban the existing Occupy camp during the action days, is example of this behavior. A clearing of the peaceful camp at the ECB at the beginning of the action days by the police would be absurd and would poison the atmosphere. Timeela Manandhar: “But we are not letting them provoke us. We stand by: no escalation will come from our side.”

“Threatening, scaring, banning: democratic protest against the European politics of impoverishment should clearly be suppressed with by all means,” stated Blockupy spokesperson Christoph Kleine. In this way, the city of Frankfurt is in line with the Director of the German Federal Bank, Jens Weidmann, and the German financial minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, who currently are intensifying the bullying tone against Greece and threatening a stop of financial assistance should Greece reject the ordered cutback programs of the IMF and EU.

For questions: * Timeela Manandhar, Blockupy (Green Youth),
Tel. +49 (0)176 ­ 3261 6036 * Christoph Kleine, Blockupy (IL), Tel. +49 (0)172 ­ 900
6161 * Werner Rätz, Blockupy (Attac), Tel. +49 (0)163 – 2423 541
For more information: ;

Press conference of the Blockupy alliance: + Monday, 14. May, 11 am + Occupy camp, Occupy-Camp in front of the ECB, Willy-Brandt-Platz, Frankfurt


Blockupy press contact:
Roland Süß (Attac), Tel. +49 (0)175 ­ 272 5893 * Martin Behrsing (Unemployed
Forum), Tel. +49 (0)160 ­ 9927 8357 * Christoph Kleine (Interventionistische
Linke), Tel. +49 (0)172 ­ 900 6161 * Thomas, (Occupy Frankfurt): Tel. +49 (0)157 ­ 7972

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