*Free The Future*

A poem from TerraNullius Narrazoni Popolari – Stories That Resist for our protest:

Happy birthday Europe,

I heard yesterday morning

and I imagined lots of candles burning

on an enormous cake quickly dissolving.

What’s Europe? Try to guess.

The decadent consequences

of centuries painted red.

The red of blood.

Indios killed, people starving,

cultures declined under the word of God.

The God of capitalism.

Or Europe is the land under our feet,

and the languages beneath our teeth?

Or Europe is the streets burning

even under the moonlight,

when we’re passing

through the heart of cities?

Finance is a lie that lies on our heads

making richer few men, few males

we can push down the roof.

We can burn the roofs,

and breath the air we’re creating.

We can burn the borders

because we don’t have borders.

We can occupy the head of the Monster,

and block its fool mental activity.

We need to burn their ancient

and blooding words,

to re-alfabetize our present.

And free the word they’re so afraid of:

Indeed we need to re-draw their drawings

to Free Our *Future*.

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