Italian comrades on the protest ban – R.I.S.E. UP will Blockupy Frankfurt!

In the last months wide connections spread all over Europe to build up coalitions able to express their radical opposition to the EU’s politics and Troika’s attack: Fiscal Compact dictatorship, wild privatizations, debt system and break-up of south-europe are just few of the violent mechanism they are imposing above us.

“Blockupy” Days of Resistance from 16th to 19th of May have been banned by the “Department for Public Order” of Frankfurt, the old answer of the crumbling power that aims to cancel any kind of dissent or opposition. We have already seen in Greece and other countries how the crisis is managed as a problem of security and public order through army and police brutality.

The italian coalition R.I.S.E. UP won’t stop its projects of transnational connection during the Global May of struggles!

We will occupy Frankfurt to oppose ECB’s politics, we will block the city to stop financial production, we will meet precarious, students, unemployed people, artists and activists to build up the Europe of common, a transnational radical democracy that starts in the heart of european finance capital.

>> bring your tent and see you in Frankfurt! <<


(Rising Italy for Social Europe)

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