Blockupy press announcement on City of Frankfurt’s ban on demonstration

Press announcement
Blockupy Frankfurt
May 8, 2012

* City answers Blockupy’s offer to talks by banning the demonstration
* expedited proceedings handed in to administrative court / blockades are non-violent

The city of Frankfurt responded to the renewed request of the Blockupy alliance for a meeting by banning the European demonstration that has been announced for May 19. The applicant of the demonstration, Werner Rätz of Blockupy, received a corresponding email this afternoon. According to the email, the ban order is on the way. “The right to demonstrate is being stepped on in a way that almost makes one speechless. I have never before experienced such disregard for one of the most important basic rights of our constitution” said Werner Rätz. “In Frankfurt, democracy threatens to experience real damages – independent of the fact that the ban will not be able to hold legally or factually.” As soon as the ban order has arrived, the alliance will file an objection and apply at court for the re-establishment of the suspending effect.

On Monday, Blockupy had already received twelve ban orders on rallies, pickets and camps. The alliance has already filed objections against these twelve orders. According to the court, the decisions may take until the beginning of the week.

“Apparently it is part of the strategy of the head of the police to respond to our proposals for talks with ban orders,” observed Blockupy spokesperson Christoph Kleine. Markus Frank (Christian Democratic Union) made it known in the media that he would only be open to talks if the Blockupy alliance would abstain from blockades. Christoph Kleine: “the basic right to freedom of demonstration is not subject to negotiation! During the Blockupy days, there will be actions of civil disobedience, and for these it is self-understood that no one is expecting the permission of the city.” What has been banned here, however, are rallies, a demonstration, concerts, such as with Konstantin Wecker, pickets and spaces for the camp!”

The alliance once again emphasized that no escalation will come from the actions. The plan is to use colorful, diverse forms of action for three days in the city center of the financial metropolis of Frankfurt to make protest visible against the policies of impoverishment of the Troika. Blockupy spokesperson Martin Behrsing said: “Nobody shall be put in danger or injured, no uninvolved persons, no bank employees, no protest participants, and also no police persons. This is how we are preparing the actions, and this is how we are practicing in the action training.”

Furthermore, Blockupy rejected the equating of mass blockades with violence. Legally, mass blockades are not a constraint, but rather an administrative offense, as the German Federal Constitutional Court concluded in 1995 in the so-called Mutlangen decision.

Blockupy press contacts:

* Roland Süß (Attac), Tel. +49 (0)175 – 272 5893
* Martin Behrsing (Unemployed Forum), Tel. +49 (0)160 – 9927 8357
* Christoph Kleine (Interventionist Left), Tel. +49 (0)172 – 900 6161
* Thomas, (Occupy Frankfurt): Tel. +49 (0)157 – 7972 4487

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