Action plan – flood Frankfurt with autonomous actions on May 18

Flood the banking district on May 18, 2012!

The blockade of the ECB on Friday, May 18, starting at 6 am, will affect other headquarters of banks and corporations during the morning. In addition, actions during the afternoon should be extended to further actors of global exploitation.

For example, an encirclement of Deutsche Bank is in preparations. In front of both DB towers, the bank’s special role in speculation in food and land grabbing will be brought to light – in conjunction with an action in Bremen on April 17, 2012. Street theater will allow us to advertise “toad migration” in the front yard. With loudspeakers, sirens, large banners and gas-filled balloons, we will make our protest visible and audible – even in the highest floors of the tower.

Climate activists discuss how they understand Flood Frankfurt with three suggestions: in the Frankfurt city walls, a “boring tower” will be constructed to investigate a “secure nuclear waste repository” for atomic waste in the salt deposit underneath the financial city plaza;  the metal-cast bear in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange will mutate to a “polar bear”, symbolic of the destruction of nature perpetrated by the regime of capitalist growth logic;  pestering the “uranium society”, which is engineering the extraction of highly-toxic uranium in Niger and Namibia for the nuclear corporation Areva: how much do you earn by poisoning the African population with radioactive “Yellow Cake”? There are many ways to think about how to make visible the ecological crisis of capitalism and those who engineer it and profit from it, right in the “global city” of Frankfurt.

Be it a surprising go-in in a bank branch or a temp employment agency, be it a flash mob at a financial investor or at an arms business, be it a bold action to put up posters on a bank construction wall or on the glass front of a airline company involved in deportation – we hope and are planning on many diverse creative and independent forms of action on May 18 in which we – as already took place in the morning with our symbols – express the resistance and struggles in different social and political fields. Whether announced or not, whether as recognizable demonstration or as inconspicuous congregation, all actions should contribute to the transformation of the financial center into a colorful and loud zone of protest for the entire day.

Blockade working group for Blockupy Frankfurt

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