More info for Frankfurt: plan of action for taking the squares on May 17

Plan of action “take the squares!” on Thursday, May 17

On Thursday, May 17, we will take over the Gallusanlage and Taunusanlage areas as well as other central plazas near the city center of Frankfurt in critical masses. Starting in the morning, a cultural and political program will take place at various places. From these places at the latest, or as soon as we get off of the busses, train, subway or S-Bahn, we will swarm out and find our way to these areas, pitch our tents and in doing so, occupy these places. In these occupied places, diverse protest events as well as assemblies and plenaries at which we will collectively decide on our further moves and actions. These tent villages will serve as assembly and event spaces, as well as sleeping places. Moreover, they provide us with a good point of departure for the blockade action in the financial district
on the following day.

With this action, we are expressing the real claiming of public spaces as well as our connectedness and solidarity and the inspiration we have experienced through the struggles at Tahrir Square in Cairo, the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Syntagma Square in Athens and the many Occupy camps throughout the world. As is the case with all occupation actions, the “take the squares!” action will have a strong element of
improvisation. However, an infrastructural base will exist. Community kitchens and portable toilets, water supplies, etc., will be in place – although these might not be immediately available during the occupation action. Subsequent to the successful occupation, we will all have to work together to achieve a situation of “security” and provisions at the tent villages. But it should be repeated once again: we will be in the center of Frankfurt, where there accessible infrastructure already exists.

Pack your tent and whatever else you need (see packing list)! Be in place on Thursday at 2 pm at the latest and participate in the take the squares swarming! At 6 pm, the final information meetings will take place in the tent villages at the occupied areas. At 8 pm, the delegates’ plenaries for affinity groups to prepare for the blockade action will take place. Be there and get involved! We are all the action!

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