Solidarity tickets to finance travel costs from southern Europe to Frankfurt

Depending on your local situation, please sell tix or request money:

The action days in Frankfurt are planned as an international manifestation. We are talking about and mobilizing for European action days in Frankfurt. Yet many persons affected by the brutal austerity policies of the troika can in fact no longer afford their right to demonstration. We cannot immediately get rid of this fact, even though this is precisely a reason for our actions in Frankfurt. So that mass participation from other countries is possible, we would like to provide support in the form of a small amount of international solidarity. We have created “solidarity tickets” that can be printed out and sold to support travel costs to Frankfurt for activists from especially southern Europe. These “soli-tix” can be purchsed for a non-binding suggested price of 15 euro – and the more that are purchased and sold, the more travel costs of comrades from other countries can be supported financially.

The tickets can be purchased from groups actively mobilizing to Frankfurt in your city. You can also print them out yourselves and transfer the money to: libertad / account number: 8020068500 / GLS-Bank / bank routing number: 430 609 67 / IBAN DE64430609678020069300 / BIC is GENO DE M 1 GLS / designation: soliticket.

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