Agora 99: Let the transnational process continue!

The next stage in the movement for a transnational redefinition of society from below is Agora 99. Decided during the Blockupy protest days by the international networks present, we will meet again in Madrid from November 2-4. Join us!

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Beyond Blockupy – Evaluation and Perspective

Dear friends and comrades,

from May 16th to 19th we had the Blockupy days of action in Frankfurt. The
city was in a state of emergency. For the first three days all
demonstrations were banned. More than 5000 riot cops tried to prevent any
assembly on the street. The Legal Aid Team reported more than 1400 arrests
and several cases of police violence.

But this is only one side of the story. Despite all this repression we were
thousands of activists who took the streets of Frankfurt. We insisted on our
right of assembly. We carried our protest right before the ECB. We reached
our goal that there was no normal business in the financial district of
Frankfurt on Friday May 18th – even if it was with the unintended help of
the police who created a huge red zone around the bank towers. And finally
we were more than 30,000 people at the Saturday’s demonstration and took a
stand against the troika and the austerity policy.

Now it is time to evaluate our campaign and our actions. What was good and
what could have been better? What do we learn for future mobilizations? How
can we resist the restrictions of our democratic rights in Frankfurt and
everywhere else in Europe? Was Blockupy only the beginning of joint European
resistance against the capitalist crisis? What is the next step?

In order to discuss all this questions we invite all groups and activists
who took part in the Blockupy action days to an


Sunday, June 24th, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Haus Gallus
Frankenallee 111
60326 Frankfurt am Main

If you need accommodation or any other assistance please contact:

The meeting will be held in German with translation. Please let us know which languages you need translated soon so that we can organize it.

In solidarity

Blockupy Frankfurt

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Impressions from Frankfurt

Here you find some press reviews and impressions from the action days in Franfurt. This list will be updated and extended soon…

Italian impressions:

English press:

Spanish press:

German Press:

Photo collections:

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A brief note after the action days

After three days of being denied basic rights, our demonstration on Saturday was a grand success – a colorful and diverse group of 30,000 people, from all over Europe and even the world, protested resolutely against capitalism at its European headquarters. Signs were seen highlighting our location: Bankfurt, democracy-free zone.

This beautiful and strong demonstration was the end of a very difficult series of action days. Thousands from all of Europe flocked to Frankfurt to take the squares and block the ECB and other major financial institutions. We were met with total repression. With the exception of the final demonstration, all of our countless planned rallies, demonstrations, assemblies, cultural and educational programs and festivities were banned by the city. We were denied the constitutional right to assemble. We were denied our democratic right to expression. We were denied space to sojourn in the city – with the exception of autonomous student buildings, even the universities were shut down. Democracy was effectively prohibited. At the very least, we can ironically point to one consequence: if we were denied our protest, the police effectively blockaded the city for four days. The European capital of finance was shut down.

We called out to action days in Frankfurt against the austerity policies of the troika and governments. We called out to action and protest against the authoritarian politics implementing these policies. We were met with total repression by the German police. Over 1400* of us were taken into custody for attempting to assemble in the city. We have witnessed: the authoritarian politics are protected and upheld by violent police apparatuses. We have known about fortress Europe for some time, about the coupling of ruling interests and violence at the borders of the European Union. Now violent police repression of democracy has hit the heart of the beast. The police response to Blockupy Frankfurt, indeed a political response, has marked a new phase of repression in Germany.

Yet Blockupy has also marked a new phase of our protest. We achieved a pan-European mobilization; our demonstration was stronger than we could have predicted. We expressed our dissatisfaction with the status-quo, we showed the strength of our resistance, our collective resolution proved once again that another world is possible. Our struggles, our movements, our protests came together and shared the experience of common expression. And we will meet again.

We shouted: Against capitalism! Real democracy now!

It is just the beginning.

*Editor’s note: Original article stating 400 arrests has been corrected to the total count of over 1400.

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#OWS announces solidarity with Blockupy

…Last week, the government banned Blockupy and all related events in Frankfurt (protesters pledged to demonstrate anyway). The incident caused an uproar among those who saw it as a blatant attack on social and political rights of people to gather and demonstrate peacefully. The Blockupy Alliance won a partial victory in court, which lifted the ban on the Blockupy demonstration on Saturday and some other (but not all) scheduled events. The court also upheld the city’s decision to evict the Occupy camp during the Days of Resistance. In response, the Blockupy Alliance has called on all who are able to gather and defend their freedom of assembly….
Full article

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Blockupy in the Occupied London Times


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Blockupy is happening. First assemblies in Frankfurt am Main starting on Wednesday

Dear friends,

the Blockupy days of action begin on Wednesday. We are looking forward to protesting together with you against the crisis diktat of the troika of ECB, IMF and European Commission on the streets of the banking metropolis. We are certain: They are going to be great, adventurous days.

Current status:

1. Events

On Monday, the administrative court of Frankfurt has permitted the following events:

Wednesday, May 16, 2.00 pm, Taunusanlage/Taunustor:

Rally next to the European Central Bank (ECB)

Wednesday, May 19, 7.00 pm, Hauptwache

Rave against the system – Rave against the troika


Saturday, May 19, 12.05 pm, Baseler Platz, close to Frankfurt Central Station

Kick-off rally, demonstration around the city centre of Frankfurt and closing rally about 5.00 pm at the stage in front of the ECB

So far, all registered events scheduled for Thursday and Friday have not been allowed yet. This ban is being challenged by Blockupy at the higher administrative court in Kassel right now. Anyhow, Blockupy is happening. We keep you posted.

A possible venue could be the rally registered by the Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie (Committee for fundamental rights and democracy), which is still forbidden. The committee is contesting this interdiction in court as well.

Thursday, May 17, 12.00 pm until the evening, Paulusplatz: Assembly for the unrestricted fundamental rightof free assembly

Together with numerous various artists, the songwriter Konstantin Wecker intends to provide for a cultural programme at the committee´s rally.

In case the ban is sustained and persists, we are going to inform you about the new venues for Thursday and Friday.

Friday, May 19: Blockade and flooding Frankfurt

Despite the bans and despite a safety zone around the ECB, we are not going to be deterred from using our physical presence to block the ECB and – if applicable – other banks on Friday (

The safety zone pitched by the police and the announced closedown of two subway and overground stations close to the ECB serve our goals: The suspensions contribute to blocking the ECB and the city centre. Our plentiful presence will put the icing on the cake.

Background information about our action:


Schedule flooding Frankfurt:




2. Blockupy appeals for supporting the nonviolent resistance against the evacuation of the Occupy Camp on Wednesday morning

According to the city´s administration constraint, the Occupy-Camp in front of the European Central Bank (ECB), which is in place since October 2011, is to be evacuated during the period between May 16 and May 20. However, the inhabitants do not agree to leaving the camp voluntarily. In fact, they are dead set on offering nonviolent resistance on Wednesday starting at 7.00 am. Arrive at the camp on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning at the latest and join in. Our goal is to appear in numbers so large the city´s administration to cease its plan.

3. Organisational matters

Hot-line for sleeping-places: Starting Tuesday 3pm, the hot-line for sleeping-places exchange is to be on call under +49(0)160 578 11 58. Please contact us if you need a roost. Bring along a tent, a camping mat and a bedroll. Furthermore, please tell us if you are able to provide a accommodation.

Arrival: In case you are numerous and you arrive by bus or by train, please report to:

4. Contact

General Blockupy-contact form:

In the alliance, various working teams evolved, reflecting the whole array of political and social groups. If you have any questions, if you want to offer your assistance and support etc., you find all the contact data here:

5. Stay tuned!

To keep yourself up to date, you can call our information desk: +49(0)152 11 87 23 50.

You will also find current information here:

Please subscribe to the joint newsletter of NoTroika and Blockupy: oder

Send this newsletter to friends, companions, initiatives and groups you want to brief on and to win over for joint protest campaigns.

BLOCKUPY FRANKFURT are groups and activists rooted in the Occupy-movement, in the unemployed persons initiatives and in the crisis alliances, unionists, Attac-activists, activists from the environment and peace movement, antiracists, migrant and antifascist initiatives, groups and organizations of the radical left, youth and student organizations, activists of different local campaigns and left-wing parties.


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Partial Success: Court Lifts Ban on Blockupy Demonstration

* Alliance Insists on Right to Assembly for Other Action Days As Well

The Blockupy alliance has achieved a partial victory at the court:
According to a press statement of the Administrative Court in Frankfurt,
the court has repealed the ban on the Blockupy demonstration on Saturday
that was declared by the city. The “Rave against the Troika” of the Youth
Alliance on Wednesday evening can also take place, as well as the rally in
front of the European Central Bank that was planned for Wednesday
afternoon because of the ECB Council Meeting. All other Blockupy events
are to remain forbidden.

The Blockupy alliance announced on Monday evening that they would appeal
against the decision of the Administrative Court at the Higher
Administrative Court of Hesse in Kassel. “If you read the court’s
decisions, you will notice that the court only relies on the assertions
and danger forecasts of the city and the police. The significance of the
fundamental right to free assembly is not valued – in contrast to the
fundamental rights of the freedom of profession and property”, says Martin
Behrsing from Blockupy.

“The court has stopped the attempt to prevent any kind of democratic
protest in Frankfurt and to revoke the fundamental right to free
assembly”, Roland Suess from Blockupy added. “However, we not only want to
protest at the demonstration on Saturday, we want to present our critique
of the policies of impoverishment across Europe to the public where it is
visible, with diverse actions and a fantastic programme.” The ban affects
numerous rallies, gatherings, assemblies, and pickets with an extensive artistic and political programme that includes more than 70 panel discussions, workshops, readings, exhibitions and concerts – for instance with the German singer-songwriter Konstantin Wecker.

The court also confirmed the eviction of the Occupy camp decreed by the
city for the duration of the action days. The Blockupy alliance again
calls on all people from Frankfurt to join the camp on Tuesday evening and
to support the passive resistance of the Occupy activists against a
possible eviction by the police.
Christoph Kleine from Blockupy says: “And we call on all participants of
the protest to join the rally of the Committee for Fundamental Rights and
Democracy on Thursday at 12pm at Paulsplatz for the fundamental right to
freedom of assembly.”

Press contacts:

* Roland Suess, Blockupy (Attac), Tel. 0175 – 272 5893

* Martin Behrsing, Blockupy (Forum of the Unemployed), Tel. 0160 – 9927 8357

* Christoph Kleine, Blockupy (Interventionist Left), Tel. 0172 – 900 6161

* Thomas Occupy, Blockupy, (Occupy Frankfurt), Tel. 0157 – 7972 4487

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Legal update on protest ban: City blocks agreement / decision expected by the beginning of the week

After five hours of negotiations, the hearing for the planned Blockupy action days in Frankfurt from May 16-19 at the Frankfurt administrative court closed without a resolution today. A decision of the judge may be expected by the beginning of the week. Following the hearing, the Blockupy alliance criticized the city of Frankfurt for also having prevented a decision.

“The city is holding to its method of confrontation. The representatives of the assembly authorities understood it as their task to prevent all forms of democratic protest,” reported Werner Raetz, who participated for Blockupy. “That is a scandal. The task of the assembly authority lies in enabling the constitutional right of freedom to demonstrate, not to block it.” To justify the total ban, representatives of the city and the police drafted a threat scenario. Obviously, the Frankfurt authorities see the reputation of the financial metropolis as more important than the basic right to demonstrate. “The behavior of the city government and the state ministry of Hesse is irresponsible. Their ban-orgy and the horror pictures they are painting on the wall are creating the exact climate of fear that they supposedly want to prevent.,” said Blockupy spokesperson Timeela Manandhar.

In addition to the total ban of Blockupy, the decision of the city to ban the existing Occupy camp during the action days, is example of this behavior. A clearing of the peaceful camp at the ECB at the beginning of the action days by the police would be absurd and would poison the atmosphere. Timeela Manandhar: “But we are not letting them provoke us. We stand by: no escalation will come from our side.”

“Threatening, scaring, banning: democratic protest against the European politics of impoverishment should clearly be suppressed with by all means,” stated Blockupy spokesperson Christoph Kleine. In this way, the city of Frankfurt is in line with the Director of the German Federal Bank, Jens Weidmann, and the German financial minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, who currently are intensifying the bullying tone against Greece and threatening a stop of financial assistance should Greece reject the ordered cutback programs of the IMF and EU.

For questions: * Timeela Manandhar, Blockupy (Green Youth),
Tel. +49 (0)176 ­ 3261 6036 * Christoph Kleine, Blockupy (IL), Tel. +49 (0)172 ­ 900
6161 * Werner Rätz, Blockupy (Attac), Tel. +49 (0)163 – 2423 541
For more information: ;

Press conference of the Blockupy alliance: + Monday, 14. May, 11 am + Occupy camp, Occupy-Camp in front of the ECB, Willy-Brandt-Platz, Frankfurt


Blockupy press contact:
Roland Süß (Attac), Tel. +49 (0)175 ­ 272 5893 * Martin Behrsing (Unemployed
Forum), Tel. +49 (0)160 ­ 9927 8357 * Christoph Kleine (Interventionistische
Linke), Tel. +49 (0)172 ­ 900 6161 * Thomas, (Occupy Frankfurt): Tel. +49 (0)157 ­ 7972

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